NP-FZ100 battery with USB C charging function? Great for travel! NEEWER NP-FZ100 battery with USB C port in review

If you have a current Sony camera, you will probably use the NP-FZ100 batteries. These are generally quite good and last quite long in my experience.

However, the original Sony NP-FZ100 batteries cost a lot of money! Currently you pay around 70€ for them. However, there are a lot of alternative models, some of which we have already compared.

But now I stumbled upon a new battery, the NEEWER NP-FZ100 with USB C. With USB C? Yes! The NP-FZ100 battery has an integrated USB C port, which makes a separate charger completely unnecessary.

Sounds really good and exciting. The NEEWER battery is also supposed to reach the full 2280 mAh of the original.

But how does it look in practice? Will the 2280 mAh really be reached? Let’s find out!


The NEEWER NP-FZ100 battery with USB C port in test

At first glance, the NEEWER NP-FZ100 battery with USB C port is just a normal NP-FZ100 battery.

The brown color is a bit unusual, but the size etc. is “the norm”. Only when we look a bit closer can we discover the USB-C port on the back (opposite of the contacts).

This USB C port allows the battery to be charged on normal USB chargers. Great!

The battery also has a small status LED, which lights up red or green when charging.


Can also be charged in normal chargers

You can also charge the NEEWER NP-FZ100 battery in normal NP-FZ100 chargers. You do not necessarily have to use the USB C port.


Test setup

I measure the capacity of the NEEWER NP-FZ100 battery with an electronic load. This discharges the battery at a constant power until it falls below a voltage of 6V. 6 V is in my experience +- the voltage from which Sony cameras declare a battery as empty.

The discharge happens with 0,2A and 1,5A. Why 1,5A? 1.5A is +- the power consumption of a Sony A7R IV while filming (according to Sony). I consider this to be the worst case for the battery, which is why I included this measurement in the test.

0.2A on the other hand corresponds to relaxed and slow shooting.


Measured values

Let’s move on to the measured values. I measured the battery’s values in Wh, which is much more accurate than the mAh specification. Moreover, we can convert Wh into mAh.

Unfortunately, it is once again evident that the original Sony battery is simply the best choice in terms of capacity. If you want the maximum capacity, go for it.

However, the NEEWER NP-FZ100 battery with USB-C port can be placed in the upper field of the “replica” NP-FZ100 batteries.

Thus, I could measure 14.176 Wh or 1969 mAh in the best case. A bit below the advertised 2280 mAh, but still on a good level.


Problem-free in the Sony A7R IV

The battery works without problems and without warning messages in the A7R IV.


Charging via USB C

The battery can be charged via USB C with +- 5W or 5V/1A.

A full charge via USB C takes about 3.5 hours. Not record-breaking fast, but okay.



I am positively surprised! The NEEWER NP-FZ100 battery with USB C port does not quite match the capacity of the original Sony battery, but it can be placed in the upper third of the replica NP-FZ100 batteries.

Impressive! Especially because of the USB C port, which naturally takes up some space inside the battery.

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The USB C port works exactly as promised. You can simply charge the battery with a USB A or USB C charger. One charge takes about 3.5 hours. This is not overly fast, but still convenient! You want to travel with multiple batteries and as light as possible and not charge your batteries in the camera (if at all possible), then the NEEWER NP-FZ100 battery with USB C port is a super option! A USB charger or even a power bank you have actually always with you.

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